4 Ideas For Picking The Proper Paint Color

One of the most difficult part of painting is not the physical act of painting, but picking out the paint colors. With thousands of options and combinations to choose from, it can be a tough decision to make. Use these ideas that can help you pick the proper paint color for your home.

Seek Out Inspiration

The easiest way to find inspiration for color is to find examples online of rooms that you like. Take notice of how they make a color scheme work. You might not like the colors they use, but it can give you ideas about color tones and colors that contrast nicely.

Seeing examples is the best way of gauging what you like as a jumping off point.

Find Complementing Colors

Take a look at the room you want to paint, and take note of the existing colors of your furniture, woodwork, and window coverings. It can be helpful to find complementary colors that will fit in well with all these items.

Your biggest focus should be the color that compliments the floor, since it runs throughout your entire home, and has most likely affected color choices in other rooms.

Accent Against Neutral Colors

Sticking with basic colors such as gray, white, or brown does not mean that your room will look boring. If you want to play it safe by using neutral colors on your walls, mix things up by creating accents with your furniture and decorations. It could be something as big as a new couch, or maybe a colorful vase.

The best part about using accents is that you can switch them out whenever you want to freshen up a room.

Sample Different Paint Colors

It can be hard to judge a color by the paint sample alone, as it can look very different when it is applied to your walls. Things such as the color temperature from the outside, lights on the inside, and shadows can make a color look very different throughout the day.

You can purchase small paint samples that will give you enough to try it out on a wall. Use it to paint a small section, and then watch it over the course of a day as different kinds of light are used. You will find that a color looks way different once it is on the wall compared to the paint sample.

By following these tips, you will have done enough research to ensure you will not have regrets about the paint color you went with. It can also be helpful to hire a painting service to get the job done for you, once you know what colors to go with.