2 Warning Signs Your Furnace Is Fizzling Out

During the warm summer months when your air conditioning is cranked up high, your furnace is the last thing you think about. Even if you are not using your heating system in your home, this does not mean you should ever ignore it completely. You are not going to be a happy camper when you wait until it starts to get cold outside to turn on your furnace and realize it doesn't work. Old age, strange noises, odd smells, and increased heating bills are just a few warning signs that your furnace is on its way to fizzling out.

Sign #1: Your Furnace is Too Old

Furnaces were not built to last forever. On average, a furnace has a life expectancy of anywhere from thirteen to twenty years. If your furnace is more than fifteen years old, it would be in your best interest to start shopping for a new one.

Whether you are staying in the home for a long time or selling it in the near future, a new furnace is always in your best interest. A new furnace will keep you warm in the winter; and a new furnace will increase the overall value of the home.

The biggest reason why continuing to use an old furnace is a bad idea is because it will cost you more money to operate it than a new one. Even though the old one continues to function, its age forces it to work harder which makes it less energy efficient than a newer furnace.

Sign #2: Weird Noises and Smells

Your furnace shouldn't start making weird noises that you've never heard before. It also should never start emitting a strange odor. If it does either of these things, it is a sure sign that it is on its way to fizzling out.

Whether it is a weird noise or a strange odor, it is a good idea to turn the furnace off and have a technician check it out as soon as possible. This way you do not risk making whatever is wrong with your furnace worse until a technician has a chance to fix it.

If your furnace starts making your home dry and musty smelling, it means your furnace is dirty. That thin layer of dust building up on your furnace might have seemed harmless, but it is slowly going to make your home smell terrible if you don't clean it up.

In a lot of ways, your furnace is a lot like your automobile. They both need maintenance and repairs from time to time. You repair one thing and eventually something else is going to break. After so many repairs, you need to think about replacing your furnace instead of continuing to pour money into the one you currently have.

Professionals, like those at Metro Air, can help you asses your system.