What To Consider Before Placing A Pool On Your Sloped Property

When you have a sloped yard, it can be difficult to install a pool the right way. You have to consider several factors before the pool can be placed in your yard. By taking the opportunity to learn about these factors, you will have an easier time choosing the best method for installing your new pool.

Elevation Issue

The first consideration for a new pool on a sloped property is the elevation issue or how steep your yard is. If you choose not to correct the slope, it will be very difficult to level the pool so it does not tilt towards one direction.

With an elevation issue, you do have a few options for correcting the slope. The most common method is to regrade the soil, which means adding more soil to your yard. Regrading the soil will change the height of the ground around the spot where you want to install the pool.

However, you typically need to change the slope of your entire yard when you choose to regrade it. Regrading only a small portion could cause other problems to start. For this reason, you need the pool builders to evaluate your property so they can determine if regrading is the best method for you to utilize.

Drainage Concerns

In some situations, changing the slope of the property does more harm than good. One issue that can result from changing the slope is creating a drainage problem. Most slopes are necessary so that water can drain away from your home. When you change the slope, you end up with water pooling in the wrong spots.

The last thing you want is to install your new pool and then have it flood from rainwater that has nowhere else to go. To tackle this problem, you can install a retaining wall that acts as one side of your pool's foundation.  The wall allows you to keep your current slope, while still giving any rainwater the ability to drain away from your home.

For the retaining wall, you have several options for materials that can also be stylish additions to your property. The most commonly used materials are concrete, stone and wood, though you can customize each one to suit your design needs.

For example, you can have a company pour a solid concrete wall that you can add design elements to such as color or texture to the surface. Another design option is to use multiple types of stones to create a sturdy and unique wall just for the outside decor of your home.

Even though installing a new pool on a sloped property is a little tricky to accomplish, you can make the process easier by considering a few factors first. Once you have this information, you can determine which method will allow you to place your new pool, even when the yard slopes towards one direction.