No Water, No Problem! 3 Reasons To Use A Dry Washer To Find Gold

Prospecting for gold can be both exciting and lucrative. If you are thinking of getting involved in the modern day gold rush, you will need access to the right type of equipment. Most people rely on water-based washing systems in order to remove gold flakes and nuggets from aggregate materials, but what if you live in an area where water is not readily available? Fortunately, you have options.

Here are 3 reasons why dry washing for gold will work for you.

1. Dry washing gives you access to untapped gold resources.

Because miners have historically relied on wet washing methods like sluicing or dredging to locate gold, the placer gold deposits in desert areas have remained relatively untapped. When you engage in dry washing, you eliminate the need for water to work out your aggregate materials.

Desert landscapes contain sediment that has been affected by ancient ocean tides, making this material rich in gold. By mastering dry washing you can boldly mine where few have mined before.

2. Dry washing is easier to master than wet washing mining methods.

Miners who choose to utilize wet washing methods like sluicing face some difficulties. In order to prevent their gold from washing out the bottom of the sluice box, the water pressure must be exact. Achieving the correct water pressure can be a difficult task for novice miners, resulting in the loss of profits.

By opting to go with a dry washing method, you only need to regulate the air pressure used to separate aggregate materials from your gold. Pressurized air is easier to monitor and adjust, making dry washing the best method for a beginner.

3. Dry washing can be a one-man operation.

Sluicing and dredging, the most common methods of wet mining, require an entire crew of workers in order to extract gold. If you are a new prospector, or searching for gold is more of a hobby for you, then you might not want to employ an entire crew.

Opting to invest in a dry washer enables you to prospect on your own. Modern dry washers are compact; consisting of two boxes and a four legged frame. This compact design makes it easy for a single person to transport, set up, and run a dry washing unit.

If you want to get involved in the modern day gold rush, then investing in a dry washing unit is your best option. These units will allow you to access untapped gold reserves in the desert, and allow you to hone your skills without investing in the help of a crew. Dry washing is the perfect way for novice gold miners to start turning a profit.

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