3 Surprising Ways To Keep Your Furnace In Good Repair

Even the highest-quality furnace will need repair work or replacement sooner or later, but there are many things homeowners can do to avoid certain repairs to a furnace and to avoid needing it repaired regularly. How a homeowner maintains their furnace and even their home will be important to the longevity of this major appliance, so consider some surprising ways to keep your furnace in good repair.

1. Have your ducts cleaned often

Consider how much harder your vacuum cleaner needs to work when the hose is clogged and you better understand how hard a furnace needs to work when the ductwork in your home is dirty. The furnace's blower needs to push warm air through the ducts to every part of your home and anything blocking this air will cause these parts to work harder. In turn they will suffer early wear and tear.

Getting your ductwork cleaned every year is healthier for you and your family since you breathe in everything that is pushed through the ducts by your furnace and air conditioning, but this service also protects your appliances as well. Consider having it done at least annually if not twice per year for maximum benefit.

2. Change your furnace filter monthly

Most homeowners change their furnace filter once at the beginning of the cold season, but this isn't often enough to protect the furnace. The filter catches dust and other debris before it can enter the furnace motor and blower and settle inside the inner workings of the unit. Investing in high-quality filters and changing it monthly will keep the furnace cleaner throughout the winter season. In turn the motor and blower won't work as hard as when dust and debris settle on its parts, so it may need fewer repair calls.

3. Caulk or weather-strip your windows

Most homeowners caulk or weather-strip their windows to cut down on their heating bills but remember that the less your furnace needs to work, the longer its overall life and less often it will need repairs. Drafty windows are one of the major causes of a furnace working too hard during the winter season, and a few minutes with a caulking gun or weather-stripping can mean keeping your furnace in good working order. The motor and blower won't work as hard or as often to push warm air through your home since you'll be keeping cold air outside, and in turn it will break down less often and last much longer.

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