How You Can Help Maintain Your Water Heater

Having hot water in your home isn't exactly a luxury, but rather a necessity. Try taking a cold shower and you will realize just how important it is to have running hot water. Maintaining your hot water heater is key to ensuring your home is equipped with this necessity. Fortunately, taking care of your water heater doesn't require a lot on your part; however, there are a few things all homeowners can do to help facilitate this goal.


It's important to make certain you have your water heater in an ideal location. An ideal location for your water heater is a space in your home where you can have at least two feet of clearance on each side of the heater. Placing your water heater in a tight space can lead to a number of issues. In some instances, a water heater that is in a confined space may be more susceptible to overheating.

With normal use, your water heater will output a certain amount of heat. In an open area, much of the heat can is carried away from the heater. However, in a tight spot, the heat basically gets stuck in the area around the heater. When the heater overheats, this doesn't just increase the risk of the heating element burning out prematurely, but this also poses a serious fire hazard. Make certain you are installing the heater in an area with plenty of space.


Make certain that you are taking the time to inspect your water heater every other year, particularly the anode node. While this component is very rarely heard of, it plays an important role in the function of your water heater. Its primary role is preventing the development of rust around your water tank. If rust were to develop on the tank, this could cause it to deteriorate and eventually fail completely.

To check this component, loosen the hex head screw and remove it. The node should be located just behind this area. Look over the node for any signs of extreme wear, such as deterioration. If the node is worn, it needs to be replaced. While you can check the condition of this node on your own, it's generally best to allow a professional like one from Two Men And A Snake to actually replace it for you.

How well you take care of your water heater will determine both how well it functions and how long it last. Make certain you are putting forth an effort to keep your water heater in good condition to get the most out of your investment.