How To Use A Coil Nail Gun

Coil nail guns are widely used both by professionals and by do-it-yourselfers for roofing projects because of their high capacity. With other types of nail guns you have a magazine that might hold 30 roofing nails, but a coil nail gun can hold hundreds of nails. This saves time when working on a roof, since you won't have to stop and start for reloading. It's important to use a coil nail gun properly and safely, and the following will show you how:

Step 1. Coil nail guns are powered in one of three ways. They can be directly plugged into an outlet, equipped with a rechargeable battery or supplied with compressed air. This last approach is the one most often used because of its greater power and consistency (it gets the nails in faster and tighter). Whichever type you're using, hook up the power to your nail gun.

Step 2. Unhook the latch on the storage compartment located either on the side or the front of the gun. Open the cover so you can get access to the gun's nail compartment. Usually, you will see a rubber band around the coiled nails. Remove the rubber band and (keeping the nails in a coil) placed them in the compartment. Put the first nail on the coil inside the chamber that discharges the nails. Now close the compartment and re-hook it securely

Step 3. Decide how you want the nail gun to fire. Coil nail guns can be set to fire one nail each time the trigger is pulled, one nail each time you hold down the trigger and bump it into the roof or multiple nails in a continuous stream (pausing briefly between each nail) when you hold down the trigger.

Step 4. Begin firing nails where you want them, but make sure that the nails follow the slope of the roof in a straight line. Put the nails in along the top of the shingles, leaving a half inch border. It's best to use two or three nails for each shingle.

Note: Make sure when you are working on a roof that you take all possible safety precautions, such as placing the ladder on a level surface, wearing non-slip boots and securing yourself using a safety harness.

Warning: Never point the nail gun at another person, pet or any living thing while you are using it. As the name implies, a nail gun is a gun, and it can be just as deadly if you use it carelessly.

To learn more, contact a company like All American Roofing Incorporated with any questions you have.