Three Tips To Help You Identify Different Types Of Roof Damage On Your Home

If you have recently had storms with winds, hail and heavy rain, there may be hidden damage on your roof. Sometimes these problems may go unnoticed and get worse over time. Eventually, this can cause leaks and other problems in your home. This is why it is a good idea to do a quick inspection of your roof and contact a contractor to do any repairs. Here are three tips that will help you identify roof damage to the shingles on your roof:

1. Small Pits On Your Shingles From Hail Or Heavy Rain

Hail and heavy rain can also cause pitting in the shingles. This is not always an obvious problem—you will want to look closely at the shingles or have a roofing professional inspect the roof. This pitting can eventually cause holes in your shingles, which may lead to roof leaks. This will happen from erosion and wear on the shingle, which is worse with hail damage than with the normal wear and tear of asphalt shingles. Any of these damaged shingles will need to be replaced to prevent future problems.

2. Out-Of-Place Or Loose Shingles On Your Roof

Wind and water runoff can also cause damage to your roof. The shingles can become loose from the nails and come out of place. This is a serious problem, and any of the loose shingles will need to be replaced with new roofing. This can happen to an entire section of roof, which will have to be completely replaced when you have the repairs done. Usually, the roofing contractor will be able to remove the damaged section and install new shingles. If you have an older roof, you may need to have a complete roof replacement done.  

3. Shingles With Wind Damage That Are Loose

Wind damage is a serious problem with storm damage, which can be worse on roofs with a lower pitch. High winds will lift shingles and cause them to come loose.  It can also cause the tabs on the shingle to become damaged or even break off. This can happen to any shingle roof, and you will want to have repairs done if you see obvious signs of damage.

These are some tips that will help you spot roof damage and get repairs done. If you think your roof has damage from wind or hail, contact a roofing repair contractor like Empire Roofing to have it fixed before it gets worse.