4 Different Ways You Can Use Paving Stones Around Your Home

Pavers, also known as paving stones, are made of things like concrete, brick, and natural stone. You can find them in a variety of colors, styles, and shapes at most home supply stores. You can use pavers for many things, such as to make an herb garden, for a patio, to make stepping stones, and to build a retaining wall.

Herb Garden

If you have an herb garden in your yard, you likely want to keep it separated from other gardens. One great way to do this is by using pavers to put around the garden to use as an edging. This also keeps weeds out of the garden. If you have more than one herb garden, use the pavers to make a path between each one to make it easier to walk around them.


If you would like a patio but do not want the expense of laying concrete, you can use pavers instead.  In most cases, installing patio paving stones consists of digging the patio area, laying down landscaping fabric, covering the fabric with course gravel, and then putting sand over the gravel.

Start laying the paving stones over the sand. Most people put an edging around the patio to keep it separated from the yard. Using paving stones in different shades, sizes, and shapes, can make the patio look more interesting.

Stepping Stones

Anywhere that you want a path in your yard, such as to your flower garden, to the patio, deck, your front door, etc., using paving stones is the easiest way to accomplish this. Using different sized and colored stepping stones for the path gives it a unique look. You can also install the stones so grass or moss grows between each one, or you can lay them flush together.

Retaining Wall

Interlocking paving stones can also be used to build a retaining wall. You could build a small retaining wall planter, put a retaining wall around your patio area, or build a retaining wall to separate your property from your neighbor's property.

When purchasing paving stones for a retaining wall, make sure you tell them what you are using them for. This will ensure you purchase the interlocking stones.  

If you are not the DIY type, hire a contractor to come to your home and install the paving stones for you. Some small jobs are typically easy for the homeowner to do, but larger projects, such as a new patio, are better left to the professionals. To learn more, contact a company like Central Arizona Block with any questions you have.