No Heat From An Oil Furnace: What Can Cause It & The Price Of A New One

Has your heating system suddenly stopped producing the warm air that it once did? There may be a problem with the oil furnace, which is the main way warm air is produced. In this article, learn how an oil furnace can malfunction and lead to a lack of warm air from the heating system.

What Can Cause an Oil Furnace to Stop Producing Heat?

The main problem that an oil furnace can have that causes a lack of heat is running out of oil. The furnace will not fire up if there is not oil present because complete combustion will be unable to take place, which is how heat is created. Look at the top of your furnace for the oil gauge to determine what the oil level is. If the oil is low or empty, you can hire a specialist to refill it for you.

If there is a sufficient amount of oil in the tank to the burner, the problem may be due to the oil not flowing to the burner. A closed oil safety valve can prevent oil from flowing as it should. The furnace filter can also become clogged up and interfere with how well oil flows to the burner.

It is possible that your oil furnace has simply become old and needs replacement. The only way to find out is by getting the furnace and heating system inspected by a professional. The reason the heating system (air ducts, coils & etc.) must be inspected is to rule out any other parts that may be responsible for the lack of heat.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Oil Furnace?

The cost for replacing an oil furnace will depend on how your house is constructed, as some homes make installation more complicated because of where parts are located. The size and energy efficiency of the new oil furnace will also play a role in the cost. However, you can expect to pay an average of up to $10,000 plus for a new oil furnace to be professionally installed.

Sitting in a home with no warm air can be frustrating, especially with freezing weather outside. The problem you are having may be a simple fix that will not require spending a lot of money. Contact a specialist, such as those who are found at Shearman Oil Inc, to find out if the oil burner is the problem or if you need a new furnace.