Why Are Tower Cranes Important To The Construction Industry?

If you have ever driven past a large construction site, chances are that you have seen those large tower cranes that stand tall and high above almost every other machine in the area. Tower cranes are used in many different types of construction jobs. Whether it be large building structures, tall bridges or super highways, these cranes are necessary for construction work to be completed thoroughly and in a timely manner. These are some of the ways that tower cranes are used in the construction industry.

Lifting Heavy Materials 

By using tower cranes, heavy building materials can be lifted to higher levels as needed. The strength and durability of these cranes allows large loads of building materials to be lifted at once. These materials may be made of steel, concrete, wood or any other type of material that is used for building purposes.

Heavy machines may also be needed during the building process. These machines are used to secure the materials so that the structure is stable enough for use. It would be impossible for large machines, such as welders, to be lifted to higher levels by hand.

Demolishing Structures 

Tower cranes are also commonly used in the demolition of pre-existing structures. These structures are normally torn down by slamming huge wrecking balls into them. The wrecking balls must be swung into the structures to produce enough force to knock them down. This is done by attaching the wrecking ball to a tower crane that is strong enough to lift and swing it correctly.

Just like tower cranes are used to lift materials to build new structures, they are also used to bring down structures piece by piece to ground level. Simply knocking down a full structure and allowing it to fall to the ground could be dangerous and very damaging in some areas. Therefore, this is often done with the help of a tower crane.

Transporting Construction Crews Safely 

The construction crew must also have a safe way to reach the high levels of tall structures for building and demolition jobs. Tower cranes are designed to surround the crew safely on three sides. The arms of the crane have steel floors that allow workers to be lifted safely and move freely as needed. 

Tower cranes play a large part in the increase of tall buildings and other structures that have emerged all over the world. Without these tall cranes, construction companies could not reach the areas that require their work and could not raise heavy loads high enough to complete their jobs. Talk to experts like Winslow Crane Service Co for more information.