Tips On Selecting Energy Efficient Replacement Windows For Your Home

When you are considering window replacements on your home, you should consider not only how the windows will enhance the look of your home, but also their energy efficiency as well. By doing this you will be able to help conserve energy and lower your utility costs at the same time.

Heat Transfer And Windows

In most homes, a great deal of heat is transferred through the windows. The glass used in windows is a high conductor of heat when compared with other materials, such wood. Because glass makes up the main surface of a window, your windows' heat transfer capabilities are high. This means a great deal of heat can be transferred into the home on hot days and out of the home when it is cold. This can cause your cooling and heating systems to work much harder in order to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home.

Choosing Energy Efficient Windows

When choosing replacement windows it can be wise to select an insulated window. This type of window generally has one or more panes of glass. The panes are spaced apart and sealed. This allows air to fill the empty space between the panes. The air can further diminish the transfer of heat.

Another option can be to purchase windows with low emissivity or low-e coatings. A low-e coating consists of a thin layer of metal or metallic oxide being sprayed on the surface of the windowpane. This coating can help in controlling the transfer of heat through the glass panes.

Selecting The Right Window Frames

Another component of the window to consider is the window frame. Window frames are useful in helping to block air from moving in or out of the home through the space around the window. When choosing frames, it can be a good option to consider those made of fiberglass or vinyl. These types of frames usually are designed to have a hollow cavity behind the frame. This area can be filled with foam insulation. This can greatly improve their insulating capabilities.

Wood or composite window frames can also be a good choice. Wood can provide good insulation but it often will expand and contact due to weather conditions. A composite window frame has all the properties of wood materials, as well as properties from other materials, such as plastic. This can make them more resistant to weather issues.

Choosing energy efficient windows for your home can be important in helping to reduce your energy costs. By understanding a bit about the options available, you will be able to make the best choice for your needs.