Home Windows & Termite Damage: What You Should Do Before Getting Replacements

Does air come in your house through the windows because termites destroyed the frames? If you intend on replacing the windows, you may want to get your home exterminated first so the problem won't happen again. Below, learn about investing in home windows after termite damage so you can make the right decision when doing so.

What Should Be Done Before Replacing Termite-Damaged Home Windows?

The first thing you should do is get an exterminator to your home to get rid of the termites. The pests are able to consume wood 24 hours per day, which means replacing your home windows before they are gone can be detrimental to your investment. An exterminator will be able to treat the inside and outside of the house to make sure no termites are left around when you are ready for the windows to be installed.

The next thing you must consider is what kind of windows you want, such as how energy efficient you want them to be. Keep in mind that windows can play a role in up to 25% of what you spend on heating your home, so you need to make a good pane choice. If you want more insulation between the interior and exterior of your home, you may want to invest in doubled paned windows. To make the two panes of glass even more energy efficient, you can have a professional to put argon gas between them.

Finally you must determine if you want your replacement windows to be framed in wood like the damaged ones. You can enjoy the beauty of wooden frames without a problem as long as the termites are gone, unless they suffer from water damage in the future. However, there are various frame options to select from that include aluminum and steel.

What Do Window Replacements Cost When the Frames are Damaged?

There is no set price for replacing your home windows because it will depend on what you choose to get. Investing in windows and new frames can cost an average of up to $40,000. Getting argon gas placed in doubled paned windows can also raise the price up, but it is worth it because you will save more on energy costs.

Don't allow termites to prevent you from the beauty of windows with wooden frames. Get the termites exterminated and then contact a window replacement specialist to get new windows installed!