Four Tips To Give Your Metal Garage Door A Facelift

Is your metal garage door looking shabby or dated, but you aren't quite ready to upgrade to a new one? Fortunately, you can usually apply a fresh coat of paint and have the garage looking new again in no time. The following tips will help you give the door a facelift on a budget.

Tip #1: Knock Out the Dents

Small dents in a metal door may not affect it's functionality, but they do affect the appearance. You can usually knock these out if you work carefully. It's best to remove the panels when possible. Lay them on a flat padded surface, with the raised portion of the dent on top. Gently tap the dent with a rubber mallet to flatten the dent. If a mallet isn't available, you can place a wood block on the dent and tap it with a regular hammer.

Tip #2: Prep for Paint

Painting a metal door isn't as simple as getting out your brush. First, make sure the door is thoroughly scrubbed down to remove dust and dirt. Then, tape off any windows, hinges, or moving parts that you don't want clogged with dry paint.

If at any point of the process you decide a new door or a professional paint job is in order, contact a local garage door company for help. They can help you pick out a new door that will complement the appearance of your entire home.

Once the initial prep work is done, you will need to sand the entire door with steel wool. This roughens the old painted surface so the new paint better adheres.

Tip #3: Start With Primer

Primer is your friend – not only does it help the paint go on more smoothly while requiring fewer coats, it also can increase the longevity of the paint job. Use a light-colored primer if you are painting the door a lighter color, or a dark primer for darker final coats. Enamel primers for outdoor use are your best option on garage doors.

Tip #4: Paint It Well

You can use brushes, rollers, or paint sprayers to do the garage door, depending on what you prefer. Much like primer, an enamel top coat formulated for outdoor use is preferred. Apply a thin coat of paint to start with. Let it dry completely, and then sand it lightly with a fine grit paper. This ensures the smoothest top coat. Then, apply a final coat. Let the paint dry for 24 hours before raising or lowering the garage door.

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