Learn How To Remove Algae From Your Pond's Pump

The impeller is part of your pond's pump that is responsible for transferring energy from the motor and pushing water out from its center. If this part stops spinning, algae may be stuck inside of the pump. Learn how to remove algae from the pump with the following steps so that the impeller can spin freely.

Use The Following Items

  • screwdriver
  • soft bristle scrub brush
  • limescale
  • sponge
  • pond cleaner
  • bucket 

​Clean The Surface And The Impeller

Disconnect the pump at the power source. An outer casing will be covering the impeller, motor, and other parts of the pump. Loosen the screws that are holding the casing on with a standard screwdriver. Remove algae and surface stains on the pump with a soft bristle scrub brush that has been dipped in limescale. Pay careful attention to the fan-shaped part. This is the impeller. It is secured to the pump with a magnet and can easily be pulled off. Remove algae from each blade with a damp sponge that has been dipped in limescale.

If you have difficulty removing all of the algae, fill up a bucket with water from the pond. Add a pond cleaner that contains enzymes and bacteria that are designed to clean pumps. Soak the impeller inside of the bucket for several minutes. After removing the impeller, wipe off the surface with a damp sponge. Do not use any other type of cleaning agent when cleaning any parts of the pump. Pond cleaners are environmentally safe and will not harm any fish after the pump is placed back in the pond.

Clean The Filter And Reattach The Cover

Slide the filter off of the pump. Fill a bucket with water from the pond and soak the filter in it for several minutes. Move the filter around in the water to assist with removing any debris that is on it. Slide the filter back in place. Reattach the cover to the pump and tighten the screws. Place the pump back inside of the pond and connect it to the power supply. If the impeller is spinning freely and you can hear the motor moving, your pump is back in operating order.

To minimize the amount of algae that forms on the pump in the future, add snails or tadpoles to your pond. They both consume algae. It is also a good idea to treat the water in your pond with algae tablets. These can be purchased from stores that sell pond supplies. Inspect and clean the pump a few times each year to keep it maintained and in working order. Companies like Kona Land and Water Escapes can also help with your pond pump struggles.