Cool Your Property With These 4 Clever Landscaping Tips

While an air conditioning system is important to have when you want to keep it cool inside your home, this system will not provide your entire property with adequate cooling. However, you can use landscaping to your advantage, which can help to make it comfortable both inside and outside. By taking on some of the projects listed below, you will get to enjoy a naturally cooler property.

Plant Shade Trees with the Future in Mind

If you do not have any trees on your property, you are missing out on a considerable amount of natural shade coverage. It is possible to get your home set up for future cooling by planting shade trees now, but it is important to understand that it can take several years before you start to enjoy the positive benefits.

To avoid property damage or tree problems, you need to plant the trees away from your home. While you can certainly grow trees to protect the south-facing part of the home, you could take away from the solar heat gain that is highly advantageous to have during wintertime. To stay on the safe side, you should opt for planting these shade trees on either the east-facing or west-facing part of your home.

Use Vine Coverage for Fast Results

While trees will provide you with a long-term cooling solution, you can enjoy quick results by growing vines on a trellis. When placed strategically, you can partially protect the walls or windows of your home, which will prevent the need to rely as much on your air conditioning system. Not to mention, trellises with complete vine coverage will drastically improve the appearance of any outdoor space.

Fill the Yard with Groundcover

With pavement or no groundcover at all, the heat for the sun will simply reflect off the ground and warm up the neighboring area. However, when you add groundcover such as wood chips, grass, or clover, the heat gets absorbed, which results in cooler surrounding temperatures.

Grow Evergreen Shrubs

If you know that a certain part of your home gets excessive sun on a daily basis, you should consider growing evergreen shrubs to protect that particular side at all times. An important tip to keep in mind is to not plant shrubs too close to the property wall as you do not want to restrict proper airflow.

Implementing a few of the landscaping changes above will help you keep your entire property cool and comfortable. Contact a landscaping company like Beltran Paving & Landscape for more information.