3 Things To Think About Before Choosing Kitchen Counters

After attending a home show, you might be ready to update your kitchen counters with something new and exciting. However, if you aren't careful about what you install, you might end up regretting your decision. Here are three things to think about before choosing kitchen counters:

1: Existing Design Aesthetic

Sure, those creamy Italian marble counters might be beautiful, but are they too fancy to match the rest of your home? Before you zero in on materials or grain patterns, try to determine the existing design aesthetic throughout the rest of your home. Pay attention to things like paint color, flooring choices, and even cabinet hardware.

When you choose counters, try to choose a version that marries existing design with new additions. For example, you might install granite counters that have little specks of metallic stone to match those brushed nickel drawer pulls. Keep in mind that while colors should meld, they don't need to match. Consider installing counters that add contrast to your cabinets or flooring, such as black counters against white cabinets.  

To help you to choose counters that will look great, take pictures of your existing kitchen with you to the store. Professionals can use these images to guide you in the right design direction.

2: Maintenance Requirements

Different counter types require different amounts of maintenance, which is why it is important to consider your willingness to clean, polish, and seal counters. While solid surface counters might be resistant to things like staining, granite counters may need to be sealed periodically to keep moisture and stains from penetrating the surface. On the other hand, butcher block counters might need to be refinished in a few years if you use them to chop veggies and prepare food.

As you shop, talk with your sales representative about maintenance requirements. Think carefully about what you have time to do, and whether or not you are likely to do it.

3: Personal Habits

Before you shop, take the time to think about your personal kitchen habits. Do you like to set hot pans on your counters? If so, a natural stone countertop might be better for you. Do you ever find yourself quickly chopping ingredients without a cutting board? If so, look for a counter with a hard surface that is resistant to scratches, dents, and divots. Also, think about how your family treats counters. If your kids aren't willing to follow proper care instructions, you might need to select a counter more resistant to damage.

By installing counters that meld with your home and lifestyle, you might be able to keep your kitchen looking clean and beautiful for years to come.