How To Install Motorized Controllers To Help Elderly Parents Open And Close Their Window Blinds

As your parents age, arthritis can develop in their hands and affect their ability to do the simplest of tasks like pulling on a string to open and close window blinds. Trying to grasp and pull on the string can cause a tremendous of pain for someone with arthritic hands. Your parents may just decide to spend the day in darkness instead of dealing with the pain necessary to let sunlight into their home. An option you can choose is installing motorized window blind controllers that allow your parents to press a button to open and close their blinds. Here is how you can install motorized window blind controllers for your parents.

You Will Need:

  • Motorized Window Blind Controllers
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Plastic Anchors

Controller Placement

The strings from the blind are wrapped around rotors inside the motor. One string is wrapped around a rotor that raises and lowers the blinds, and the other string is wrapped around a rotor to open and closes the slabs in the blinds.

Take the cover off the rotor and place the strings over the rotors. Lower the controller until the slack in the strings are eliminated. Place the controller flush against the wall in a spot your parents can easily reach, and put the tip of the pencil into the screw holes to mark the spot on the wall where the screws will go once you mount the controller. 

Preparing Holes in Wall

Use a narrow drill bit to drill out the holes in wood walls - this will help you easily insert the screws into the wood. If the wall is made out of plaster, drywall, or concrete, you should insert a plastic screw anchor into the wall. In this case, drill the hole just big enough to insert the anchor into the wall.

The anchor will expand and press against the sides of the holes when you insert the screws. The snugness will stop the vibration from the controller from shaking the screws loose over time – which could cause the controller to fall off the wall.

Mount Controller

Place the strings to the blinds in the controller according to manufacturer's directions and mount the controller to the wall, and put the cover back on the controller.

Plug the controller into an electrical outlet.

Some controllers come with a sunlight sensor that will automatically open and close the blinds for your parents. Plug the sunlight sensor into the controller.

Test Controller

There is a switch on the controller that manually overrides the sensor. Use the switch to open and close the blinds to make sure everything is working properly.

You can install these controllers at every window in the house as long as there is an electrical outlet nearby to plug in the controllers. For assistance, talk to a professional like Park City Blind & Design.