2 Ways To Put Excess Cardboard To Use

Many individuals have excess cardboard lying around that they don't know what to do with. Some end up throwing it away with their other garbage, while others use it to make a bonfire. However, there are tons of other really great ways to make use of all those cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls. To help you uncover some truly unique and innovative ways to use the cardboard you have around your home, check out the information below.

Controlling Weeds

Anyone who loves to garden knows what a pain weeds can be. Those pesky buggers end up pushing their way through your plants and try to take over your entire garden. The best thing you can do is to create a weed barrier to prevent them from breaking through and attempting to take over your space. All you have to do is lay a bunch of cardboard down in your garden space. Put the dirt over the cardboard and then plant your veggies or other plants on top. The cardboard barrier works great at keeping the weeds at bay, since they aren't able to penetrate the cardboard. After so long, the cardboard will end up breaking down and being absorbed by the soil. You can easily add extra cardboard to the area later. In the meantime, you have an amazing way to control your weed problems.

Starting Your Garden

Anyone who buys eggs in cardboard containers can make use of this ingenious idea. Simply put a little soil in each egg cup and then sprinkle in your seeds. Once your seeds have started to sprout, you can easily take them out and replant them into a larger garden. Another way to replant the seedlings is to cut the parts of the egg carton apart and plant the carton and everything right into the ground. The carton will end up breaking down and your seedlings will end up growing and flourishing. It doesn't take long to do and you can easily grow quite a few different herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables, all with the help of your egg cartons.

While these are only two uses, there are plenty of other ways to use excess cardboard around your home. From storing files to making compost out of it, the possibilities are virtually endless. Just see what you can create, all from nothing more than leftover cardboard that you had lying around anyway. If you still have extra cardboard lying around, and you don't want to just throw it away, consider taking it to a cardboard recycling plant like Sunwest Metals Inc.