3 Signs That A Submersible Well Pump Is Going Out

Have you been experiencing random times in which no water comes out of the faucet and you have a well pump? The problem may be that a part of the pump is malfunctioning, or the lack of consistent water flowing through the faucet can be a sign that the pump is going bad altogether. This article will discuss some of the problem that a submersible well pump might have when it is getting ready to go out.

The Pump is Always On

When you have a submersible well pump that never shuts off, it is a sign that it is not working properly and could possibly be going bad. A well pump is supposed to automatically shut off when it is done drawing water from the ground. When a well pump goes bad, it can have a hard time getting water out of the ground, which is why it has to constantly run. However, it is not wise to start making plans to purchase a new well pump until a professional inspection is done. Sometimes something as minor as a waterlogged tank can lead to a well pump staying on as well.

Water Trickles Out of Faucets

If water has started to trickle out of the faucets in your house, the well pump should be inspected. It is possible that the well pump is unable to produce enough pressure to send water through the plumbing system at full pressure. The trickling water can also be due to the pump only being able to draw a small amount of water out of the ground. If the well pump is not going out, the low amount of water pressure can be due to the pressure tank being in bad shape. If there are no leaks or clogs in the pressure tank, the well pump might need to be replaced.

Your Energy Bills Are Unusually High

If you have to pay higher energy bills than usual with the occasional lack of water as well, the submersible well pump might be the cause. A well pump that always runs leads to the cost of electricity for your house going up in a fast manner. If you don't like paying the high energy bills, it might be wise to disconnect the pump altogether until you can replace it. Speak to a contractor about the occasional lack of water in your house so he or she can tell you if a new well pump is needed.