Special Considerations When Choosing A Roofing Material For A Foursquare Bungalow

Foursquare Bungalows offer a basic, cube shape with accents that bring to mind homier architectural styles such as Arts and Crafts. The Foursquare Bungalow typically features paired groupings of windows, a flat-roofed porch, and a hip-shaped main roof. Decorative accents can vary greatly between homes within this style, but one of the main eye-catching elements is that hipped roof.

A hipped roof has two pairs of parallel, sloped sides that rise and meet at a shallow peak. The roof shape and the presence of the roofed porch can help you answer some important questions when considering a roofing material during a roof repair or restoration project. You can always receive further, more specialized guidance from your roofing contractors.

Is Your Project Budget Tight?

The hipped roof shape has a lot of surface area to cover due to the presence of four sides compared to the two sides on a gable roof. The required surface area grows wider if you plan to put new roofing on your porch at the same time. All of these required building materials can quickly add up to higher project costs.

If your project budget is tight, or if you simply prefer not to spend too much money, you will want to stick with a more affordable roofing material. Composite roofing, also called asphalt shingles, might be the best way for you to keep project costs within a reasonable range.

Asphalt creates lightweight, easy-to-install shingles that have a low price, high durability, and design flexibility due to a range of both colors and textures.

Do You Want to Use the Same Roofing Material on the Main House and Porch?

Do you want to keep costs lower but don't prefer the look of asphalt roofing on your main house? You could always choose a different material for the hipped roof and stick with the asphalt on the porch roof, where the relatively smooth asphalt can help the flat porch roof with water drainage. The porch roof typically isn't visible from the ground, so the disparity in roofing materials won't be noticeable to other people.

Consider using wood shakes or shingles for the hipped roof. The texture of these roofing materials can highlight the hipped shape, while the natural warmth nods towards the homey aspects of the Foursquare style. Don't use the wood on the flat porch roof, as the texture can trap water and cause water damage.