Do Not Dispose Of Old House Windows When You Can Transform Them

Instead of placing your old residential windows out on the curb for garbage pickup, you will want to take a few moments to review the following ideas.

Modern Art Frame

Paint the frame of your old residential window and once it is completely dry, thoroughly clean the glass on both sides so there are no smudges or specks of dirt left on it. Then, take a piece of canvas artwork, one that you either purchased or created on your own, and glue it in place over the center of the old window. Give the glue several hours to dry before moving anything. This will give a unique look to the entire piece and the window frame that surrounds the art will help it pop out at people as they walk past it or glance around the room.

Bulletin Board

Clean the glass of the old window so you can use an industrial strength glue on it. Measure, cut, and glue pieces of cork board to the old house window. You should be able to find cork board for sale at many craft stores or department stores that have a craft department in them. Make sure that you are allowing plenty of time for the glue to dry before moving the old window. Letting it sit flat overnight should do the trick if you want to be extra careful. You are then ready to use thumb tacks to put up all of the photos, notes, and business cards that you would like to keep handy.

Chalkboard For The Kitchen

Clean up the glass and paint the framework of the old window so it matches the decor of your kitchen. You can glue kitchen decals and crafting items to the corners or the sides of the old window if you would like or you can just leave the frame plain. Apply two coats of a chalkboard paint to the glass. Make sure that you are leaving time in between the coats for drying. Once the chalkboard paint has completely dried, you can lean it up against the wall and place chalk and an eraser in a nearby cup or on top of the new chalkboard if the frame is thick enough to hold all of it.

With just those three creative ideas in mind, you should have no trouble finding some new uses for the old residential windows that you are taking out of your home. For more information, contact companies like Blue Springs Siding and Windows.