Remove Moss Plants From Asphalt Shingles And Prevent Future Growth

If you purchased an older home that has moss growing on some of its asphalt shingles, eliminate the plants with the following steps. Once you have restored the rooftop to its original state, secure a flexible zinc strip to the top of the roof to make the roof an unfavorable environment for plants to grow on.


  • thin tarps
  • ​​extension ladder
  • safety harness
  • spotter
  • water hose
  • rake (with tines that are flexible)
  • backpack garden sprayer
  • bleach (oxygenated)
  • asphalt cleaning agent
  • long-handled scrub brush
  • measuring tape
  • flexible zinc strip 
  • roofing nails

Cover Portions Of The Ground And Remove Moss Plants

Use thin tarps to cover portions of the ground that are next to the side of the roof where moss is located. Thin tarps should be lightweight, preventing plants and foliage from getting crushed. Set up an extension ladder and secure a safety harness to yourself and a sturdy object. Ask someone you know to spot you while you are standing on the ladder in order to further prevent yourself from becoming injured.

Spray the moss plants with a strong stream of water in order to soften each of them. Use a rake's flexible tines to pull the plants loose from the rooftop. Use a water hose to rinse away any plant pieces that remain.

Eliminate Stains From Each Shingle

Add a small amount of oxygenated bleach and an asphalt cleaning agent to a backpack garden sprayer's tank. Fill the remainder of the tank with water. Secure the tank to the sprayer and turn on the agitator in order to mix the contents in the tank. Place the tank in the center of your back and drape one of the machine's straps over each of your shoulders. Apply a liberal amount of the cleaning solution to any stains that are on the asphalt shingles. Use a long-handled scrub brush to remove each of the marks. Rinse the shingles off with water.

Install A Flexible Zinc Strip

Purchase a flexible zinc strip that is long enough to run across the top of your home's rooftop. Place the top of the strip underneath the top row of shingles. Use a nail gun to secure roofing nails through the length of the strip. Zinc will be released from the strip whenever it rains. As a result, asphalt shingles will be coated with a protective barrier that will prevent moss or any other types of plants from growing on the rooftop. 

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