Bypass The Lumberyard--Composite Decks Are The Way To Go!

Building a deck is fun and exciting. It is also nerve-racking if you have never done it before. Staring at all of the different kinds of lumber in a lumber yard, you would be hard-pressed to make a decision and make sure it is the correct one. Bypass all of that and ask the sales clerk where the "composite" decking material is. For a DIYer that has no building experience until now, this is the way to go. Here's why:

NO Maintenance EVER

Well, not really. You should probably sweep the leaves in fall off the deck, and maybe wash it once in the spring after the snow and ice have melted. Other than that, there is no maintenance with composite deck materials. You never need to scrape, sand, paint, stain, polyurethane, varnish, or lacquer your deck ever.

Composite Decking Handles Like Real Wood

You can nail, screw, glue, and power-drive your way to an instant deck. Most composite deck materials can be cut like wood too. Build the base, then lay the composite decking vertically, horizontally or diagonally across the deck frame. Secure it, trim the excess, and you are done. Most DIY homeowners can throw up a deck with composite decking in just a few hours, and yet its wood appearance will look like you spent weeks on the project.

So Much Cheaper

Composite decking is so much cheaper than real wood. Sometimes, hardware stores sell various lengths of the composite by the box. Estimate/calculate the amount you need to do your deck (based on square footage), and buy that many boxes. You may also be able to buy a composite deck kit, which creates the perfect deck every time.

Already Waterproof

You do not have to waterproof and seal your composite deck. That is already done for you during the manufacturing process. You do not have to do it annually either because that is not required by composite materials. In fact, you can clean your deck with a power washer on low settings, and it will still remain flawless year after year.

Multiple Colors and Finishes

Composite deck materials no longer limit you to two or three colors and finish either. You can get materials in almost any color, any finish, and any stain. This allows you to create a deck that looks like natural pine or red cedar, and only you know that it is fake wood. 

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