Keeping Your Fire Alarm Monitoring System Operational

Fire alarm monitoring systems are the best way to ensure that the fire department arrives in time to extinguish your home fire. By arriving sooner, the fire will do less damage to your property. Also, you may find yourself in a situation where you are unable to call the fire department. But in order for the fire alarm monitoring system to be effective, there are several things that you should do as an owner of such a system, such as:

Test Your System

You may notice a sound alert coming from your fire alarm or security alarm system integrated with your fire alarm. This is a sign that there may be a momentary problem with your connection and that you will need to test your system. Make sure to notify the monitoring center that you will be testing your system. It is best to test your sensors yourself rather than having a defective sensor discovered by a fire marshal. After you have tested the fire alarm, make sure to confirm the results with the monitoring company. 

Change The Batteries

Always check equipment to make sure that they do not need new batteries. One way to make this easier to remember is to always change your batteries when it is time for a time change. If you notice that you need to replace your batteries often, your sensors may be defective. 

Have Enough Sensors

In order for your fire alarm monitoring system to be effective, the sensors need to be placed in strategic locations and there needs to be enough of them. The alarms need to be placed in locations where fires are most likely to arise, such as laundry rooms. You will need to have at least enough sensors for each level of your home. Otherwise, the sensors on other levels may not detect that there is a fire until it is too late. 

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Your home monitoring system should also include carbon monoxide detection. Carbon monoxide detection is especially important in a home that uses natural gas. However, it is also important in all-electric homes because carbon monoxide can enter the home through the garage when a car is running.

Make sure to use sensors that can detect multiple types of fires. This allows for the fire to be detected as soon as possible. Therefore, when you contact a fire alarm monitoring company, ask about sensors that are able to detect each type of fire.