Three Ways To Adorn Your Home With Iron Railings

When you are looking to give your home a quick update, there are many different options to consider. One option that brings beauty to both modern and traditional homes is the addition of iron railings. Iron railings can be used both inside and out to adorn your house. Talk to your contractor about the following options, and see which ones will work the best with your home.

Juliet Balconies

Add an elegant look to the exterior of your home by adding Juliet balconies to the upper floor windows. These balconies can be constructed by using iron railings, which are placed underneath the windows. They can be ornate decorative ironwork designs for a vintage look or simple iron bars to add a modern touch to your home. To make this look stand out even more, work with your contractor to replace your small square windows with long French door-style windows. Because these balconies are only for show, they require no existing balcony structure.

Front Walk Railings

If the exterior of your home includes a few steps leading to the property, consider adding decorative iron railings to each side of the small staircase. Choose a curved design that creates a grand entrance to your front yard, and consider the addition of a gate to create the look of a stately manor. You can also add an iron fence around the property to add to this look. If you only have steps leading up to the porch, skip the gate and fence entirely and only add a grand staircase rail.

Second-Floor Loft Railing

Whether you have an open floor plan on the second floor that looks down on the first floor or you have a loft-style bedroom on the second floor, consider replacing a wood railing with a chic metal design. These railings can be customized in a number of ways to create a stunning look. For a country decor theme, have your contractor create wood frames with iron inlays. In modern homes, simple horizontal bars can make a bold statement. Other options might include designs that incorporate brick and iron for a bit of industrial edge. Extend the design of the railing down to the main staircase to create a cohesive look.

Work with your contractor to determine the right height for your railings to make them safe for use inside the home, and look for a variety of different designs to help you find the perfect look for both the exterior and interior of your home. Contact a company, like Anvil Iron Works, Inc., for more help.