3 Important Safety Items To Use When Cutting Metal Pipe

If you're a metal fabricator, one of the most common materials you'll work with is pipe. You may need to cut this material to get it to the right shape and size, which doesn't have to be dangerous if you utilize the following gear.

Wraparound Safety Glasses

When cutting metal pipe, there's always the chance of metal chipping and shooting up near your eyes. You can protect your eyes in this instance by wearing wraparound safety glasses. As their name implies, these glasses completely wrap around your eyes and therefore give them full protection from metal shards.

These safety glasses often feature scratch-resistant lenses, an important design for always being able to see clearly through them. A lot of these glasses also feature UV protection. So when you're fabricating metal piping out in the sun, your eyes won't be damaged by UV rays in the slightest.

Cut-Resistant Gloves

Sometimes you may not always have a firm grip on the pipe you're cutting. This makes it fairly easy to slip and accidentally cut your hands. You can prevent serious lacerations from occurring, though, by wearing the appropriate cut-resistant gloves.

These gloves are thick and feature a unique polyurethane coating, which prevents sharp metal pieces from penetrating your gloves and cutting your hands. They also generally have textured fingertips. So no matter what type of piping you're fabricating, you can retain a firm grip and avoid making careless mistakes. Lastly, a lot of these gloves have a soft cotton interior liner, which makes them comfortable to wear for hours.

Anti-Slip Work Boots 

To cut pipes precisely and safely, you need to retain your footing at all times. You can achieve this by wearing anti-slip work boots. Featuring a slip-resistant sole, these boots help you easily retain traction while cutting. Even when on wet and oily surfaces, you don't have to worry about slipping and severely injuring yourself. 

Some of these anti-slip boots also come with a steel toe construction. So if a heavy pipe accidentally falls to the ground and hits your feet, your sensitive toes will be protected from the full blow. You can then walk away a lot of times with just minor bumps and bruises.

If a lot of your operations involve metal pipe cutting, you'll want to exercise extreme caution and invest in the right personal protection gear. Not only do they help prevent injuries, but they allow you to fabricate with supreme confidence.