Skip The Boring Doors: Install Beautiful Commercial Doors On Your Business Instead

Have you ever walked through entry doors at a grocery store and really looked at them? Most of them are fairly straightforward and quite boring. Walk through a number of commercial doors, and you will find that the same holds true of other businesses. However, commercial doors do not have to be boring. In fact, there are many commercial architectural glass doors that are really beautiful, intriguing, or unique. Here is how to get such entry doors for your business and building.

Find the Manufacturers That Make Them

These specially designed doors often have various elements about them that require glass and door companies to specialize. That is good news for you, because you will be able to find them a lot easier. When you do find the specific manufacturers, then you can peruse these doors and select the ones you like best. Write down the name, style number, and door colors, plus the stock/inventory numbers. This information will be useful to your local window and door installation contractor.

Find a Window and Door Contractor That Is Able to Purchase Your Doors and Install Them

Next, find a window and door contractor that is able to purchase your chosen doors and install them. You may think that this is obvious advice, but there are many contractors who do not have exclusive arrangements with some commercial door manufacturers. No exclusive retail arrangements typically means that the contractor cannot purchase or sell doors from those manufacturers. The good news is that some manufacturers have a search engine that will help you narrow down which window and door contractors in your area have the ability to purchase and install the commercial architectural doors you have chosen.

Ask for Mock-up Drawing to Preview How It Will Look

If you are having trouble deciding if you want the doors with the metal vine pattern going up and down on the glass, or the doors with beveled diamond panes, ask an architect to give you a mock-up drawing of each. The architect will draw the front of your building, once with one set of doors, and once with the other set of doors. Then you will be able to see which set of doors looks best on your building and choose the ones you want from there. Some window and door contractors are also able to provide you with computerized renditions of your door choices.

For more information, contact a local door installation company like Creative Door Inc.