4 Bathroom Shower Ideas To Give Small Space Renovations An Open Feeling

Today, there are many options for shower designs that make the most of small spaces in an attractive way. When you are doing renovations to a small bathroom in your home, getting rid of the bath and doing a trendy shower design can help you get more out of the space that is available. There are also affordable shower glass options if you are planning on keeping a bathtub. Here are some bathroom shower ideas that help give small space renovations a more open feeling:

1. Floor to Ceiling Glass and An Open Sauna Design with Seating

If you want the space and your shower to feel like part of the rest of your bathroom, floor to ceiling glass is a great option. This can help divide the shower space from the area where vanities or toilets are located to keep them from getting wet and causing slip hazards. Floor to ceiling glass is also great for making the small bathroom seem like one big open space without all the clutter, which can be good for renovation projects with modern minimalist designs.

2. Higher Ceilings and Simple Frameless Glass Divider for Shower

To open the space up in a small bathroom, you may want to consider a higher custom ceiling when doing renovations. A great way to add showers to a small bathroom with high ceilings is to use partial glass dividers. These glass dividers will look the best when they are only used to divide the shower area and do not go all the way up to full ceiling height.

3. Shower Booth with Smaller Foot Print and Therapeutic Fixtures

When you have only a tiny amount of space for shower renovations, you want the shower to occupy less space and have a tiny footprint. For this, you want to consider options like shower booths. These showers can be custom installed by a shower glass service and give you options for therapeutic features like massage shower heads and integrated light therapy. This is a great way to give a tiny bathroom a modern design and a tiny footprint.

4. Saving Money by Keeping the Bathtub and Adding Shower Glass Improvements

Old bathtubs often do not make the most of small spaces and may include dingy curtains that make this space look even smaller. Today, there are many options for shower glass that can change the look of an old bathtub and give you a more open feeling in your bathroom.  When you add shower glass to a tub, you may also want to consider options like recessed niches and sitting when doing tile work.

These are some bathroom shower solutions to help you make the most out of small spaces. If you want a trendy shower solution for your small bathroom, contact a residential shower service and talk to them about some of these ideas.