Remember These Individual Spa Issues Before Purchase

When your budget finally allows for a spa pool--also called a "personal spa", "hot tub" or simply "spa--you may already be visualizing relaxing evenings in it. However, preparation, smart decisions and planning will ensure your hot tub is a pleasure and not a source of stress. Consider these spa pool issues first.

Where is it Going?

After deciding on hot tub size, the primary consideration is whether you'll have it outdoors, in your enclosed porch or inside a room in the house. This decision will hinge on your plumbing lines first, as the spa must drain properly and be filled easily. If you're willing to take the time and finances necessary for indoor installation, that's one choice. If you already have an outdoor pool though, to save money you may want to put the spa outside to keep plumbing issues simple. 

Your decision will also relate to personal tastes. Do you want to lay back and watch the stars, or do you want to soak in warmth while indoors?

Do You Want Portability?

Portable spa pools require fewer installation hours. If you'll be moving out at a future point and already know, portability is wise. However, an inground or concrete-mounded model can seem more luxurious.

Do You Need Multiple Permits or Zoning Approvals?

Your ability to comply with the municipal laws regarding hot tubs is important. To avoid fees, various permits, zoning variations and other applications are needed. You may need to ask permission for an outdoor spa; you may need to have a fence or other accessories. Racking up fines just because you're in a hurry isn't wise; local officials should be consulted throughout the spa process.

Are You Prepared for Frequent Maintenance?

Many spa owners were initially dazzled by the promise of soaking and relaxation, but if you're not also prepared for maintenance costs, you'll be in some trouble. Water sanitizers, covers, cleaning chemicals and similar costs do mount over time. If you're asked to get a fence or want to beautify the spa or surrounding area with lighting, those are other costs which can't be avoided. Before installation, itemize various supplies and accessories and discover how much the true cost of your spa will be.

Your hot tub is likely to exceed expectations once you step into it. However, heeding these suggestions and considering these spa details is wise. Discuss installation and spa services with local contractors, like Anchor Pools & Spas.