Should You Have Your Roof Inspected?

The roof you have over your head is one of the most expensive replacements you'll make in your home if your roof ever needs a renovation. However, the roof is also one of the most important components of your property and having the structure inspected periodically will help you keep your home's cover in great condition.

Here are signs you should have your home's roof inspected. You should hire a roofing specialist who also does inspections to do this work for you rather than try to do the job on your own.

You just bought or are selling your home

Did you just buy your house or are you in the process of finalizing buying the property? Even if you had a home inspection done by a home inspector, you should still have a roofing specialist give the roof a once-over to make sure there are no issues with the roofing structure. If there are smaller issues with the roof on your soon-to-be home, then you can have the costs of repairs taken out of the price of the home or negotiate repairs with the current owners.

If you are selling your house, then you should have the roof inspected for the same reason: you don't want to have to pay for roofing repairs at the last minute or reduce the selling price of your house due to an oversight in the structure of your home you didn't know about.

You're considering a new roof

Are you considering getting a new roof? Are you unsure if you need to buy a new roof or have the asphalt shingles reroofed? If your roof is in good condition, then your roofer may suggest simply making smaller repairs to keep your home's cover in good condition. If you are set on getting a new roof, an inspection is necessary to make sure the structure of your existing roof is sound enough to support the materials of a new roof, such as metal, copper tiles, or slate.

A roofing specialist will come to your home and look at both the attic of your property and your roof. You will get a detailed list of what is well with your roof as well as any suggestions for repairs. Often, an inspector who does roofing jobs can replace the roof as well, so you can hire the same person to the work. Make sure you get an estimate before you have any roofing repairs made.

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