What To Look For In A Construction Storage Yard

Renting space at a storage yard provides you with a cost-effective way to keep excess materials and equipment safe when you are not actively using them on a job site. The cost savings over purchasing your own yard can be huge since you only need to rent a yard at certain times and only have to spring for as much space as necessary. Further, you can choose yards near the job site, cutting down on travel time. The following are a few things to keep in mind when shopping around for a contractor storage yard.

Look for easy accessibility

Although you want a yard that is secured, you also need to be able to access your materials when you need them. Choosing a yard that allows for easy accessibility, both during and after regular hours, is a must. The best yards will have a manned booth to allow you in, which helps to ensure that no one can sneak into the yard after hours to vandalize or steal equipment and supplies.

Make sure your stuff is secure

Security is vital. The best storage yards will have secured storage areas for each client. These can include covered areas, storage crates, and separately fenced-in yards for equipment. Generally, at the very least, you want a yard that provides you with private access to your materials. As for large equipment, some yards have a general equipment lot where you are assigned a space, but the lot is shared with others. As long as you have the ability to lock up your materials and the whole lot is well fenced with security features like cameras, this should be sufficient.

Consider lot management services

Long-term storage has its own challenges. Equipment, if not started periodically, can suffer from damage like dead batteries and broken seals. Materials, particularly those stored outside, can weather and rot. This is why some storage yards provide lot management services. These yard staff members will periodically run your equipment to keep it in good condition if you plan to store it for some time. They may also provide wrapping services. This is where they shrink-wrap equipment and materials to minimize the chances of weather damage. This can be especially useful if you plan to store items during the winter off-season.

Consider a storage yard as another useful subcontractor that helps your business run smoothly. Reach out to area contractor storage yards to learn more.