Two Types Of Plumbing Emergencies For Businesses

Plumbing problems are never a good thing. When you own a business, it is an even bigger disaster. Flooding or lack of water can cause a business like a restaurant or a store to close down until the problem is fixed. During this time, the company not only loses revenue, but is also paying for hefty plumbing repair costs. You have a good chance of losing customers the longer that the business is closed. The best thing to do is to prevent plumbing accidents from happening by taking care of your plumbing system in your commercial property.


The bathrooms in the property should be cleaned multiple times per day. By doing this, you can keep down the number of germs in the public restroom. You will also make your customers happy because no one wants to use a dirty bathroom. However, there is only so much you can do as a business. Your customers will cause plumbing emergencies in the bathrooms that you will be responsible for fixing.

Any time you have a bathroom with a lot of people using it, you are bound to have a clogged toilet every so often. It usually happens when people flush prohibited items like napkins, baby wipes, tampons, etc. It also happens when people use a large amount of toilet paper and the toilet cannot properly flush it down. Clogged toilets can create a huge disgusting mess in the entire bathroom. The plumber will need to remove the clog from the toilet before it can be used again. For a single stall bathroom, this can be an urgent matter. Once the clog is gone, the entire bathroom needs to be cleaned to get rid of the germs and dirty water that spilled on the floor.

Lack of Water

Lack of water in certain companies can be a huge issue. Bathrooms need water to properly flush the toilets and allow people to wash their hands. Restaurants require water for washing dishes and cooking certain food. Factories require water to run certain machinery and clean down that machinery and workrooms at the end of the day. There are many reasons why you may lose water in your business, but it always counts as a plumbing emergency.


Any time that you face a plumbing issue, contact a local plumbing company (such as Associated Mechanical Services Co) immediately. The longer that you wait, the worst it is for your company. It is a good idea to find a plumber that you trust and keep them on speed dial just in case you need them in a hurry.