3 Types Of Stone That Work Well With Siding

If you put vinyl siding on your home, that doesn't mean the entire outside of your home has to be covered in vinyl siding. Vinyl siding looks great when it is paired with stone. Pairing vinyl siding with stone can be very visually striking and can help increase the curb appeal of your home.

For example, you can add some stone to the front of your home to frame your door, or to frame a window. You can add stones across the base of your home, creating a trim around the base of your home. There are lots of ways to incorporate and use vinyl siding and stone on the exterior of your home.

Stone Type #1: Fieldstone

Fieldstone is a natural type of stone that is commonly found and used on the east coast. Fieldstone comes in a range of colors, from deep greys to light pinks to darker reds to sand tones. Fieldstone has a wide range of colors and can look nice when paired with both bold vinyl siding colors, such as a deep red, or more neutral-colored siding.

Stone Type #2: Ledgestone

Ledgestone has a vary neutral and chill look to it. It has lots of different grey tones. The surface has a lot of depth, with lots of rises and dips in the stone. Ledgestone has a complex look to it that pairs well with grey-toned vinyl, such as a smooth blue-grey vinyl tone. Ledgestone would also really pop when placed next to a darker vinyl color, such as a deep grey or charcoal color. If you use ledgestone with more of a sand tone to it, a nice brown color would really accent the stone.

Stone Type #3: River Rock

River rock looks amazing next to vinyl. River rock adds a really playful feel to your home, because the surface of the stones is usually smoother, unlike fieldstone or ledgestone. However, the size of the rock is not uniform. One rock could be twelve inches across, and the next could be four.

River rock is great for farming a small area, such as framing your front deck. River rock tends to come in shades of grey and looks nice when paired with deeper blue vinyl siding that mirrors the colors of the river itself.

If you like the durability and protection that vinyl provides, but want a little more variety, consider using stones to off-set your vinyl siding. Vinyl and stones work really well together if you get the color pairing correct.

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