Times To Consider Hiring A General Contractor

If you own a home, there are many times that you may want to do some work on the house and need the assistance of a general contractor to get the job done. If you are not sure how to do the work yourself or don't have time, a good general contractor can be a great asset to you. 

Remodeling or Renovating

One of the most common reasons that people hire a general contractor or GC is for a renovation or remodel in their home. The contractor will organize the project and help you determine what needs doing to complete the job correctly. 

Often people don't see all the small details in a large remodeling project, but your general contractor will look at everything you want to do and then what is going to need addressing to make that happen. It can include building and structural changes as well as plumbing or electrical changes that need to happen. The GC will go over the entire project with you before any work begins to get a good idea of what needs to happen and when.

Damage Repairs

A home damaged, either from a storm or another natural disaster like an earthquake or wildfire, may need significant repairs. A general contractor can organize the work and start the home's repairs very quickly in most cases. Because they have extensive experience in many areas of construction, they will often do much of the work with their crew.

In situations where repairs need to be made to electrical or plumbing inside the house, the GC will often bring in subcontractors that are licensed specialists in those areas to complete that work. The subcontractor will have the knowledge to do the job correctly, and because that is their specialty, they can often do it faster than the general contractor can. 

Some things may be specialties like roofing that the general contractor and their crew can do, and in some cases, it can save you money if they do that work. The contractor should go over the options with you before they determine how many subcontractors they will need and how that will affect the cost of the repairs, and this is an excellent time to discuss what the GC can do that will reduce the repair costs of the house. 

Often concrete or foundation work will be subbed out because there are some very specific things that need to be done to ensure that concrete is right, and the tools to do the work properly are often unique to that work. Landscaping is also commonly done by a landscape company, not the general contractor. 

If you have more questions, contact a local general contractor.