4 Bathroom Shower Ideas To Give Small Space Renovations An Open Feeling

Today, there are many options for shower designs that make the most of small spaces in an attractive way. When you are doing renovations to a small bathroom in your home, getting rid of the bath and doing a trendy shower design can help you get more out of the space that is available. There are also affordable shower glass options if you are planning on keeping a bathtub. Here are some bathroom shower ideas that help give small space renovations a more open feeling:

3 Ways To Remove Humid Air From A Crawl Space

Does your home have a crawl space? These small areas below homes can serve a wide range of purposes. One is that they get your home off the ground, minimizing your home's exposure to bugs and ground moisture. The crawl space also provides room for things like duct work, plumbing, sump pumps, and other devices that are critical to your home's upkeep. Many builders will opt for a crawl space instead of a basement because the crawl space is a more affordable route.

Skip The Boring Doors: Install Beautiful Commercial Doors On Your Business Instead

Have you ever walked through entry doors at a grocery store and really looked at them? Most of them are fairly straightforward and quite boring. Walk through a number of commercial doors, and you will find that the same holds true of other businesses. However, commercial doors do not have to be boring. In fact, there are many commercial architectural glass doors that are really beautiful, intriguing, or unique. Here is how to get such entry doors for your business and building.

Facing Flood Waters? Safeguard Your Property By Taking These Actions

Summer weather is usually perfect for picnics and lazy days with the family, but conditions can change quickly. Severe summer storm systems that are very large and slow-moving often result in dumping vast quantities of rain capable of causing water levels in streams, rivers, and lakes to rise quickly. When this happens, flash flooding becomes a real danger to homes located in low lying areas, as well as their occupants. If your home is located in an area where flash flooding is known to occur,  taking steps to prevent or reduce the level of water damage your home receives is an important part of protecting your family's home.

3 Important Safety Items To Use When Cutting Metal Pipe

If you're a metal fabricator, one of the most common materials you'll work with is pipe. You may need to cut this material to get it to the right shape and size, which doesn't have to be dangerous if you utilize the following gear. Wraparound Safety Glasses When cutting metal pipe, there's always the chance of metal chipping and shooting up near your eyes. You can protect your eyes in this instance by wearing wraparound safety glasses.